Linda Weiss
Linda Weiss, Ad Campaign, LINDA WEISS, Gladys Glover in Monopol (Special Issue Berlin Art Week), Nr. 9, p. 41, 2016

Back When
Linda Weiss

Oranienstrasse 46
10969 Berlin

Duration: 2016, September 17 - October 8
Opening: September 16, 7 pm

opening hours
Thu - Fri 3 -7 pm, Sat 2 pm - 6 pm
by appointment,

Back When

“On April 2nd 2015 I guerilla reenacted the photo performance (Untitled) shot and performed by Dan Graham in 1969. I stood in the Ronald O Perelman Rotunda of the Guggenheim Museum New York and moved my camera around my body like a helix while taking photographs. Dan Grahams performance was documented by another photographer in 1969. The result has led to a photographic tableau.

On March 26th 2015 a gas explosion had taken place next to the apartment where I was staying. Since my requested photographer for the documentary, and I got involved into the consequences of the east village fire, it will only be my shots taken at Guggenheim Museum during guerilla photo performance. The result has led to a photographic tableau (Untitled 2016_1969, reenacting Dan Graham, Guggenheim Museum New York).

’Land You Refugee,’ title of the installation piece, has been taken from a demo poster photographed in Athens (Exarchia). Inter alia together with the essay ’Strategies ort he Non Stratified: Thinking the Outside (Power)’ (Gilles Deleuze, Foucault) a piece is formed in order to question a thought of resistance vs. political action.“

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